Let me tell the stories of your love through romantic, timeless, and classic frames.

Faith Elizabeth, Grand Rapids, MIchigan

Welcome, and thank you for being here. I'm Faith Elizabeth, a dedicated collector of moments .

My journey in the world of photography began with a passion for capturing the beauty of emotions and the essence of love. With years of experience in the industry, I have honed my craft to not just document moments, but to elevate them into  visual narratives that are timeless.

I photograph with the intention of showing you your intricate beauty, not just in the features that are physical, but the ones you hold intimately in your heart, where emotion and personality lie deep within. My hope is that those intentions show but more importantly,  I hope that you truly see that light in yourself as you gaze at each frame. 

Each touch, each detail, intimately documented and collected for you.


Your Fine Art photographer

What I value and Believe in

As your dedicated wedding photographer, my commitment goes beyond technical expertise – it's a promise to deliver images that resonate with emotion, authenticity, and sheer beauty. From the meticulous composition to the thoughtful editing, I strive for nothing less than perfection. 

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At the core of my work as a wedding photographer lies an unwavering commitment to integrity. I believe in capturing your special day with honesty, transparency, and authenticity. 

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Trust forms the foundation of my role as your wedding photographer. I recognize the significance of entrusting me with the task of capturing your most precious moments. I am committed to fostering a relationship built on reliability, open communication, and the assurance that your vision and memories are treated with the utmost respect. 

your trust
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